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Steve Flom - Stone Sculptor

National Sculpture Society Associate Profile of Steve Flom
from the Sept./Oct. 2012 NSS Online Newsbulletin

What is your earliest memory of sculpting?
When I was a little boy, in Minneapolis, my Mom would take me to kid’s
art classes at the Walker Art Center. She kept me supplied with drawing
pencils, paper, & plasticine clay. The first sculpture I remember
doing was a little 6 or 7 inch clay “Venus” on the dining room table.
It had breasts, but no head or arms because, well, the REAL statue of
Venus had no head or arms… right? My “Venus” tapered out from the
waist into a broad skirt, because at that age (about 6) I had no idea
what the bottom half of a woman looked like! Even at that tender age,
I had a sense that I was a ‘conduit’; though my little hands moved the
clay, it was being shaped by some ‘Force’ much bigger than “me”. I
still feel that way in the studio, when I’m really zoned in.

steve flom


Steve Flom - Stone Sculptor

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